Sr. Scientist or
Associate Director,

Immunology, #1643


Executing experiments in the discovery and development of novel stem cell therapies within the Regenerative Medicine and Immune-oncology teams.       
Location:                          Bay area:  General area of Alameda to Emeryville
Reports to:                       Executive Director, Product Development
Department:                    Product Development


We are seeking candidates for a Senior Scientist or Associate Director position in the Regenerative Medicine and Immune-oncology Product Development team. This individual will be directly responsible for executing experiments and leading ongoing efforts in the discovery and development of novel stem cell therapies for advancement into the clinic. The position will actively support projects both in early and late stage development across multidisciplinary teams.   This position reports to the Executive Director, Product Development.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities
  • Drive discovery and translational efforts to support projects aimed at optimizing the differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into desired cell types

  • Manage and identify key external collaborations that would enhance decisions on projects and/or yield new target indications

  • Lead efforts for development of in vitro cell-based assays to characterize the phenotype and potency of candidate cell therapies

  • Contribute to the hands-on development and performance of immune-monitoring assays for patients receiving candidate cell therapies

  • Apply knowledge and know-how internally on project teams as well as represent the company externally

  • Lead identification and testing of novel scientific /technical opportunities

  • Design and execute experimental plans, provide interpretation, troubleshoot and suggest next steps

  • Maintain laboratory notebooks in a professional, and accurate manner

  • Interact and collaborate with members of all other departments at the Company, including Analytical Technologies, Process Development, and Clinical Operations

  • Prepare study reports and presentations for group meetings, conferences, publications and regulatory filings



  • Ph.D. degree with 5 or more years post-graduate experience related to the field of immune-oncology and stem cell biology

  • Preference will be given to candidates with a strong background in T cell immunology and dendritic cell biology

  • Proven record of applicable immunology or immune-oncology relevant publications

  • Proficient cell culture techniques of human cell lines, pluripotent stem cells, and primary cells

  • Hands-on experience with isolating, culturing, and expanding antigen-specific lymphocytes from human whole blood

  • Immunological techniques (Multi-color flow cytometry, ELISpot, and ELISA), Cell-based immunoassays (MLR, CTL assays)

  • Basic molecular biology techniques (DNA/RNA preparation, qPCR, cloning)

  • Requires up to 5-10% international travel

  • Computer skills in Excel, PowerPoint, word processing, and data presentation

  • Excellent organizational, communication, and written skills


Important key skills / qualifications sought

  • Has experience in cell based therapies for cancer immunology (Dendritic cell would be preferential but T or NK cell would be acceptable)

  • Has worked with human cells

  • Has been exposed to human clinical trials and potentially worked with human tissue samples as part of a team to look at immunological monitoring

  • Is comfortable working in the lab and realizes that this will be an important part of the position

  • Is an effective communicator – this position will require being able to communicate (both verbally and written) to outside collaborators and to senior management

  • Has some industry experience and understands that this is an applied (not basic) research position that will support product development

  •  At this time, our client would only like to have candidates that are able to work in the US without sponsorship


Supervisory Responsibility:

One person (Process Development Scientist) will eventually report to this position


Compensation Includes:

For Senior Scientist level:

Base pay range:                      135K to 145K (some flexibility)

Bonus:                                     10% target bonus

Stock Options:                         25,000 new hire stock options
Grants:                                    10,000 annual grants


For Associate Director level:

Base pay range:                      140K to 150K (some flexibility)

Bonus:                                     15% target bonus

Stock Options:                         25,000 new hire stock options

Grants:                                    25,000 annual grants


Benefits include:

401K                                        5% company match -  immediate vesting

Medical Insurance                  10% co-share

Dental and vision                    No cost         


Relocation assistance/ Hiring bonus

Offer a lump sum hiring bonus to help with relocation


Company size / Department size:

Company:                                20 to 50 and growing

Department:                           6 to 10 and growing




Should you elect to send your resume to us, we will never forward it to anyone without first contacting you and receiving your approval to do so.


NOTE:   This is an unofficial document prepared by S L Collins Associates, Inc. to provide basic information concerning the position.   The company we are conducting this search for has the official job description.


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