Protein Engineering Scientist / 
Sr. Scientist - #2060


LOCATION:   Bay area - in the greater Palo Alto area
(some relocation assistance provided)

Note:   Preference for candidates authorized to work in the United States
Our Fees:   You pay nothing to use our services (all fees are company-paid)   


  • Protein engineering to support TCR programs, and identify compounds with optimal therapeutic index. This includes TCR engineering to ensure proper chain pairing and pMHC target specificity, as well as functional T cell and TCR screens.

  • Discovery and development of compounds that bind selectively to pMHC targets identified at our client company.  Evaluate and develop optimal binder formats (eg. IgG, VHH, etc).

  • Improvement of existing yeast display platforms and development of next-generation pMHC libraries using high throughput panning platforms.

  • Identification and supervision of CROs and/or academic collaborators to complement in-house efforts.


Qualifications - Required

  • PhD in a relevant field, or BS with 7+ years, or MS with 5+ years of experience.

  • Proficiency in molecular biology (eg. molecular subcloning, library construction).

  • Proficiency in display systems (phage, yeast, mammalian) for protein engineering.

  • Self-motivated and a proactive thinker – can work independently and in teams

  • Excellent written and communication skills presenting scientific data


Qualifications – Preferred (but not required)

  • 2+ years of industry experience in protein engineering and/or T-cell engineering.

  • Experience in protein expression, purification and biophysical characterization.

  • Experience in mammalian cell culture, lentivirus construction and automation.





Should you elect to send your resume to us, we will never forward it to anyone without first contacting you and receiving your approval to do so.


NOTE:   This is an unofficial document prepared by S L Collins Associates, Inc. to provide basic information concerning the position.   The company we are conducting this search for has the official job description.


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