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We have been a recognized leader in executive and professional search for almost 30 years having placed hundreds of candidates in excellent positions with organizations throughout North America.  Many of these individuals are not only enjoying great success in their careers but have had a profound influence on the growth of their companies.  We welcome you to enjoy similar success by contacting us to assist you in your career search.

Please contact us if you have prior experience working for an oncology R&D related company and are seeking a technical, professional, or executive level position. 


We work with either:

  1. Candidates who have served in leadership positions (Manager to C-level) with oncology R&D organizations and are ready for the next step in their careers;

  2. Candidates with solid scientifically focused industry experience within the ONCOLOGY drug development process (Discovery to Clinical to NDA/BLA). 


Providing us with your contact and background information will help ensure that we bring matching positions to your attention even if your career search is passive.  Note:  No one will be informed of your search for a position without our first obtaining your permission.

Fees:   You pay nothing for the use of our services.   All fees are company-paid

Your Confidential Career Search

Should you decide to send a CV/resume to us, we will never forward it to anyone without first contacting you and obtaining your approval.   You may send your resume in confidence to: or simply attach it to the questionnaire below.

Candidate Questionnaire

Completing the Candidate Questionnaire shown below will provide us with additional information concerning your career search.  We will use this information to ensure we bring matching positions to your attention.


"Steve responded quickly to my resume submission and provided several worthwhile suggestions to make myself more marketable.   He knows the industry and was able to put my resume in front of decision makers in several biotechnology companies."    
Peter M.


"Steve was one of the most responsive recruiters I dealt with during my career search, and I have used his services more than once.  I have also recommended him many times to my colleagues."

Jennifer R.

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